Designing to honor Swedish stove tradition.

  • Our role
  • Product Design
  • Period
  • 2018

During 2018 company Josef Davidssons launched several of the cast iron stoves we designed for them. Among others the elegant, minimalist JD 227, which is a perfect match for the modern home as well as the 50:s inspired lake cabin. It is with utmost respect and commitment SHIFT has worked to maintain and conduct the Swedish stove traditions.

It is our firm belief that their product design and aesthetics must be wholly saturated by the rich, Swedish history. At the same time the product must be maturely evolved to fit into a more modern context. Josef Davidssons stands for a quality and productivity of which we hold the highest reverence here at SHIFT. We are filled with a warm pride to have been part of their rich product history through the deeply varied designs JD 227, JD 27, Viking 30 and JD 320 – a warmth we hope radiates clearly through these stoves!