”Through the ACX we have established our position as market leaders

Michael Melin

Head of Product Developmend , ActSafe Systems AB

  • Our role
  • Design Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Period
  • 2007 - 2017

  • Awards
  • Stora Designpriset
  • IF
  • 'Best of the Best' Red Dot 2018

ActSafe approached us over ten years ago with an ambition to refine a rope ascender product. Since then we have had the pleasure to develop three generations with them – always tweaking the user-friendliness with regards to user feedback and new, accessible technology.


ACX is part of ActSafe Systems’ electric Rope Ascenders series – a transportation product which allows the user to safely and effectively winch and climb vertically. ACX is ultra compatible, meaning its startup time is a fraction of that of conventional methods, such as scaffolding or skylifts, and also gives access to areas where said tools simply are not applicable. From a primary user perspective within fields such as maintenance and emergency & rescue operations this translates into an effective work method and vastly increased adaptability.