Adapting robots for new technological possibilities and contexts near the user.

  • Our role
  • Concept Design
  • Period
  • 2018

Unibap is an IT-company in the business of robot optics solutions. Their product IVS (Intelligent Vision System) enables robots to not only see their surroundings, but also understand what they are seeing.

This simplifies the user coding process by allowing companies to show the robot objects and their relative position. This means there is no need for coding angles and positions into the software.

This collaboration can be read about further in an article by the Great Design Award. The article was published in June 2018, in Swedish.



Unibap has had an incredible success with their IVS. This resulted in them winning the 2017 ‘Jumpstart Contractor’ award.  


This award meant SHIFT got the possibility to collaborate with them. Our common goal was to ideate on concepts for possible future IVS designs.

This was based on the premise that the new product might be found in robots and environments unrelated to industry.

With robot technology and smart automation becoming more common we allowed for contexts where the IVS would move out of manufacturing and into the everyday lives of common people – and needed to look the part!





Foremost we needed to shape the new iteration into something people would feel more comfortable having closer to them. All while still maintaining a professional and trustworthy expression.


Through inspiration from traditional home appliances we visualized concepts which looked and felt familiar and evoked feelings of safety and trust for the user.


The final concept got the working name ‘BURGER’ based on its three component layout – a horizontal line with interactive elements attached to it, held together by one upper and one lower component.