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Congratulations Satcube!


Read the exciting news from anywhere with Satcube Ku!

It is with enormous pride we are able to proclaim that our collaborative partner Satcube has won the Red Dot 2019 award!

This close collaboration has been an ongoing, engaging project where we have delved deep into UX, form, function and GUI. This close-to-client strategy has made Satcube Ku a market leading satelite connectivity enabler – ensuring connectivity wherever the user may be. Reception has been warm and recognition wide, gaining favor on established site  Satelite Evolution Group, among others.

We look forward to seeing where this well deserved success-journey takes them!



Satcube Ku is a mobile satelite connectivity unit which enables lightning-fast connection even where infrastructure for 3G/4G is lacking. This could be areas where critical news coverage needs to be made, or during rescue operations where natural disasters has taken out landlines.



Design Philosophy

At SHIFT we are convinced that market disruptive function unified with intuitive user experience is mandatory for any successful launch. An evolved product should take off from current-gen market leaders and be more advanced – yet simplified. Tasked to evolve Satcube Ku we were given the opportunity to promote this experience through seamless UX and product design. This resulted in a tool where the sum was greater than its parts.



Technology, surface, function and GUI enhance each other. 

“Continually inspired by our cooperation with design partner, SHIFT Design & Strategy, we are very excited to receive international recognition for our Satcube Ku portable satellite terminal,”

Jakob Kallmér, CEO and founder of Satcube.




Would you like to know more?

Our design services can be browsed at the page What We Do. There you are able to read about different aspects of our expertise within industrial design and profit driven design strategy.

Perhaps it is your idea we may help evolve and earn next year’s Red Dot with – together!