In 2014 we increased our turnover by 75% and 2015 our success is even greater.

Karl-Johan Holm

President and CEO, Icomera



Icomeras in-vehicle cellular X6 Router uses cutting-edge technology to enable swift and easy online connectivity. This appeals to the end-user as it allows for a stable connection to the internet and makes it possible to work and communicate while on the train, as one would from the office. The system has support for functions such as internet, infotainment and streaming services, which has a huge, positive effect on the traveler’s train ride.

In the case of the train company this translates directly into a more exclusive costumer experience and adds value to traveling with them, which in turn guarantees more ticket sales. Research shows that this is the very thing travelers value the most when deciding to travel by train instead of a car or via aircraft. As an example it should be mentioned that SJ (Swedish Railroads) net gain leap of 2690 MSEK year 2005 – the year on-travel connectivity was established – to 9065 MSEK year 2014 makes this abundantly clear. SJ expects 2.000.000 more travelers will utilize their trains thanks to the possibility to access internet and communicate while traveling with them.


Icomera initiated work on the X6 back in 2009 and the product was established on the market 2011. Development was preceded by a focused product strategy project 2008-2009. Additionally, Icomera decided to include design as a method for attaining success.

The design, in turn, came to stimulate said product strategy during development. The conclusion was to develop an in-house product in a compact format, uncompromisingly tailored for its intended, rough environment – while still maintaining excellent performance. Several of the strategic decisions are reflected in the product design, such as high durability, passive cooling, resistance to dust and particles as well as liquids, fire and external forces such as vibrations and hard impact.

The final design also reflects the tactical elevation from a traditional 19″ slot-based system and daring to challenge the trend for how on-train hardware traditionally was designed – both visually and functionally. This was initially received with skepticism and huge resistance, but has now been established as not only an accepted design, but a highly appealing one. The design’s product expression has thus won acceptance on the market and is now established as a unique strength. This product strategy led to less risky dependence on third-party company involvement and allowed Icomera to attain full ownership of the hardware and its iconic product design.

Costumers consider Icomera as a more dedicated company and partner and are impressed that the entire product is made by them and them alone. The design’s look and feel is a door-opener and a very effective way to appeal to clients and partners.

The product’s design expresses great technical height, innovation, robustness and material quality. The visual experience is that of something soft and kind, yet strong and industrial. This can be read from both form, materials, material finish, placement of contacts, color scheme and the clear functionality applied to the white service panel. The desired, unique identity of the product is highly visible.

With installation in mind the mechanic has been given a intuitive product with a form factor which is easy to install and comes with easy-to-access contacts for cables. LED indicators signals status in real-time and communicates product integrity to maintenance personnel.

The development process with the X6 also strengthened the company internally, leading to its employees feeling increased motivation and pride of building a product which they doubtlessly consider to be the best in the world.  This has led to the company being recognized as one of the fastest expanding tech companies of Sweden.

“The X6 product’s design language expresses and reinforces it’s inherent unique attributes of world-leading technology and robust construction. This is obviously of great importance for our market communication and a contributing factor in Icomera’s success as one of Sweden’s fastest growing tech companies.”

Karl-Johan Holm
President and CEO, Icomera

Sales Development

Icomera has in recent days won several procurement competitions. Their economical development has been exceedingly impressive since 2011. Today the company is one of Sweden’s fastest growing tech companies and operates as a major player in a global business with explosive growth.

Following the two years of development on the X6 Icomera went from being around 30 employees to in 2015 consisting of 110 employees spanning six different countries. The success also led to over a hundred individuals not directly employed by Icomera has been granted jobs through construction, sales, installation, service and support.


The financial growth has been most impressive in regards to the X6 sales, with a good margin growth. Sales related to the X6 are today measured at over 50% of the company turnover.


Number of X6 Marginal X6 Year

824 50% 2014/2015

350 40% 2013/2014

150 35% 2012/2013

175 40% 2011/2012

100 35% 2010/2011 (lanseringsår X6)

50 30% 2009/2010