Kiosk MK2 is a system, which since we launched it June 2015, was an immediate success. We sold more MK2 the following six months than the MK1 sold over two years.

Joel Bollö
President and CEO, MSAB


Kiosk MK2

MSAB:s Kiosk MK2 offers the ability to quickly reset mobile data, for users whom demand quick extraction in a controlled environment. It is a forensic tool for the police department, where mobile data security is all but one of their many tasks.

With its intuitive touchscreen interface it’s quick and easy to restore data from a mobile device. It is possible to connect the mobile device to the Kiosk, touch the screen and extract data within minutes. The Kiosk is a turnkey ready solution for mobile forensics. It can be tailored to an organisation’s specific workflow and configured for various areas of forensic needs. This gives control and a widened, simplified forensic process, without loss of integrity for the extracted forensic evidence.

The Kiosk makes it possible to examine several mobile devices quicker, as it can decentralize and relieve central forensic instances.


”The potential for Kiosk MK2 is enormous, ideally there would be one Kiosk MK2 on every police station across the world.”

Joel Bollö
President and CEO, MSAB



MSAB engaged in work on the Kiosk MK2 in 2014 and the product reached the market in 2015. Development followed a product strategy project 2013-2014. MSAB chose to stray from their previous product strategy – to base the terminal on an industrial all-in-one PC – and instead build a consumer based all-in-one PC. This strategy has led to lower component costs,better performance, less need for third-party involvement and shipments, as well as a future-proof product structure.

The unique product expression of the Kiosk manifests technical height, robustness and material choices of high quality. This can be read from form, meterial finish, placement of cord slots, color choices and product layout, with the blue pulsating light which activates when the terminal is in use. The visual experience is inviting and friendly.

User interface has been design to be welcoming and intuitive but still feel professional. The design is highly iconic and easy to recognize.


“Our cooperation with SHIFT has been and continues to be an important part of our international success. SHIFT understands business and succeeds in a clever way deliver that through the design of our products.”

Joel Bollö
President and CEO, MSAB

Sales Development & Profitibility

Over the six months following product launch in July 2015 sales increased by 575% in comparison to the corresponding period 2014. Sales and quoting points towards tremendous interest, and recently MSAB won a large order for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in London.

The economical development for MSAB has been very strong the past few years. Today the company is market-leading on a global scale on a market with respectable growth. MSAB has had their historically best results in 2015, with an EBIT (Earnings Before Interest and Taxes) of 56.4 MSEK (14.1) and an EBIT margin of 24.9% (7.8). Gross margin of Kiosk MK2 is around 80% (TB1).

In a world undergoing rapid technological changes like the ones we are experiencing today there is a clear need for adapted, up-to-date security measures. The digital evolution with new ways of socializing and interacting means the future for MSAB and their Kiosk MK2 looks highly profitable, and it’s usefullnes all but infinite.