Thanks to using design we have been able to position ourselves as a dedicated medtech company.

Tomas Gustafsson

VD, Micropos Medical

Micropos Medical


Prostace cancer is the most common – and most lethal – form of cancer according to statistics published by Socialstyrelsen. Micropos Medical’s product RayPilot® is an add-on for existing radiation therapy equipment which’s purpose is to reduce the side effects and treatment time. To describe it in a simple way, RayPilot® works like a GPS- system which pinpoints the tumor’s exact location in real-time in relation to the radiation field. RayPilot® reduces the number of patient treatments from 40 days down to 5, thanks to increased precision. This relieves the patients from a lot of suffering in regards to common side effects such as incontinence of bodily waste and regular bleedings.

For the health care system this means enormous savings thanks to vastly increased effectiveness of patient management. 420.000 men across Europe suffer from prostace cancer. One treatment with RayPilot® costs 10.000 SEK. The theoretical market potential is as such 4.2 million SEK.


Our mission was to create a design which would make it simpler to use during treatment, resulting in an increased feeling of safety and care for the patient. This led to a product with primary focus on function and innovation, where SHIFT chose to solve challenges through creating a sense of simplicity and clean brightness in the chosen materials and coloring. RayPilot® is thin, lightweight and easy to transport by doctors and nurses.

RayPilot® uses carbon fiber inlays which minimizes weight, and the radiation field has astonishingly low density – which coupled by zero need for electricity allows for photographs to be taken. The sides have been equipped with integrated grip areas, which also work as slots for add-on modules for head- and leg rests. Cord slots are so called “push & pull” solutions, with physical guiding for fail-safe handling and minimized wear-and-tear. Push buttons are positive relief with LED to ensure quick and easy navigation even when inside the dimly lit radiation treatment room. Graphics are made to clearly show which is the intended direction and position for the patient when lying down. Great care has been taken when considering which materials and surface finishes are best suited, with cleanliness in mind. The honeycomb pattern reinforces the intended usage of the product by not being repeated within the radiation zones. Typography is unison, clear and chosen specifically to strengthen RayPilot’s® unique identity. These elements all add up to deliberately express RayPilot’s® uniqueness and help establish it as a complimentary product on the market.

“The design expresses both function and precision, all while signaling patient safety”

Tomas Gustafsson

VD, Micropos Medical


Market dissemination

Today RayPilot® has been installed at the following clinics: Tammerfors University Hospital, Helsingfors University Hospital, cancer treatment facilities Centre Léon-Bérard Lyon and Centre Georges François Leclerc in Dijon, as well as the private clinic Gavazzeni in Italien, amongst others. Micropos Medical own patents in the US and EU.


Sales Development

RayPilot® consists of three parts: one single-use radio transmitter component which is placed within the tumor area, one receiver system which is placed upon existing radiation treatment equipment, as well as a software which the staff interacts with.

Over the past year (2016) the product has been applied in order to reduce the number of needed treatment occasions from 40 to 5, and interest has seen an increase all across Europe. New installations has been made in both France and Turkey these last couple of months. Micropos Medical is currently negotiating with around ten clinics looking to purchase RayPilot® solutions. Business consists of the three-part solution as well as customized additions tailored to the customers unique needs.