When I speak to our costumers they are always impressed by the product design, which is of great importance to us from a marketing strategy perspective.

Magnus Glans

VP, ActSafe Systems AB

ActSafe Systems AB


ACX is part of ActSafe Systems’ electric Rope Ascenders series – a transportation product which allows the user to safely and effectively winch and climb vertically. ACX is ultra compatible, meaning its startup time is a fraction of that of conventional methods, such as scaffolding or skylifts, and also gives access to areas where said tools simply are not applicable. From a primary user perspective within fields such as maintenance and emergency & rescue operations this translates into an effective work method and vastly increased adaptability.

The ACW tool’s usage is wide and multifaceted. Within Telecom and Power Line businesses it is used to facilitate the frequent climbing of towers and wind turbines, in order to reduce the personal strain workers have been known to suffer from when using traditional methods. ActSafe Ascenders can be used to easily ascend or descend technicians – as well as their needed equipment – which all but removes the need for manual climbing. ACX is ideal for any task where lifting or dragging is required, meaning it is an accessible and effective alternative to traditional winching. ACX has been renowned especially within the renewable emercy sector, where the quick setup appeals to companies operating and maintaining wind power turbines, as it means minimal time needed to shit down the turbine during operations – not to mention the battery driven engine in the ACX being a perfect match for the business.


”Through the ACX we have established our position as market-leading”

Michael Melin

Head of Product Developmend , ActSafe Systems AB


ACX is the third generation’s Rope Ascender and the result of a thorough, consequent design strategy – one with the user’s functional and emotional needs in focus. Design should not limit the user’s needs to express one’s identity. In one’s profession it is important to feel safe and secure when working. ACX is designed specifically to enhance the user’s self-worth and competence while operating at work – not only through considerate ergonomics and intuitive placement of interactive switches and controls, but also through the initial pre-studies used as a foundation to identify psychological and functional aspects of the worker’s situation, such as pride and “the joy of driving.”


The resulting design is a product which blends perfectly with it’s intended context and work environment through a plesantly soft yet powerful vertical riding experience, matched by the tool’s soft, compact aesthetics.



ACX has beyond great renown and attention at fairs also been awarded with IF Design Award 2017 for excellent design and the prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ Red Dot Design Award 2018, among others.

”Since the launch of the ACX we have had tremendous success and increased product sales across our global market”

Magnus Glans

VP, ActSafe Systems AB

Sales development


  • Sales development has been exceedingly good for the ACX.


  • Sales have increased by 35% (= 6.8MSek)


  • Increase in units sold/year has increased by 46%


  • Net margin per unit is 4000 SEK higher than the previous generation.