"Never lose touch with the desire to learn!"

Carl Hampf

CEO, Partner

Carl is one of the founders of SHIFT. He loves to work with the detailed interaction between humans & technology. He believes in demystifing design in order to break it down to constituents that others can relate to.

"Calle" has grown up with the design profession. In fact, design actually runs in the blood. Dad, Jan is one of the icons of Swedish design-history and it was at the desk across from Jan as Calle took part in the first secrets of design success in the 70's. After 9 years of university & work in the United States, Calle returned to the desk of his childhood, now as a design professional. Since the merger of Hampf Design & Stinct 2009, design successes have been created through SHIFT. It is happens to be another desk but it is still the same design DNA that floats in the veins.
" At SHIFT, we never let go of our inner child. It keeps the skill of imagination & creativity alive. It is when we connect this with a value proposition that we become innovative"
Calle’s ability to implement market strategies within the field of design and his keen eye for analysing and identifying spoken or unspoken user-needs is a strong contributor to the development of “CUE”, a strategic toolbox by SHIFT. Since the deployment of “CUE” in 2002, insight-driven innovation has been a natural part of The SHIFT Design Process leading to stronger brands and greater user benefits. Most of the clients have been in the Business-to-Business segment in which a near 100% of these have increased ROI thanks to design thinking.
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Patrik Westerlund

Partner, Designer, Design Strategist

Patrik is one of Shift's founders, always eager to explore the cross-fertilization of design and innovation. His Industrial Design education from HDK and Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Chalmers makes him more than suitable to work with entrepreneur-driven companies, to get the kick out of designing pioneering products never before seen on the market.

A good design should also result in increased revenue for the costumer. To me design is business development.
Patrik's analytical and engaged personality injects user-centered focus to projects, which he establishes as the foundation for brand-strengthening strategies for our clients. Problem solving on both micro and macro levels in projects gives him the perspective he needs to define the user friendliness of a product or service in a way which enhances its market positioning. Teaching design is another field of expertise where Patrik shines. He is proud to have taught four classes Design Strategy at renowned Umeå Institute of Design, as well as Basic Design to ten classes at Chalmers University of Technology.
As far as kicks go I enjoy getting them out on the sea, getting the adrenaline pumping through kite surfing on the windy west coast. When others complain about the stormy weather here I simply smile.
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Pär Bergström

Partner, Head of Design

Pär is the mandatory office senior. Well, maybe more on paper than in person. Educations at renowned Royal College of Art and Imperial Collage in London, as well as an B.Sc in Innovation Engineering at Halmstad, laid the foundation of Pär's wide knowledge in design, innovation and project management. A constant urge to explore new trends and tech is his greatest drive as a designer.

With decades of constant product development assignments Pär has amassed a thorough knowledge spanning a wide spectrum of the market, which makes him a steady partner ta work with. Proof of concept are the three Stora Designpriset awards he has secured.      
"Working with SHIFT should be a fun, intriguing and rewarding journey. A journey which not only yields good profits, but also a lot of energy and motivation to achieve even more."
      Beyond his excellent design knowledge Pär also possesses a deep technical understanding for design engineering and production methods, as well as wide knowledge of materials and their properties. This translates directly into less time needed searching for suitable solutions and more time spent on extensive design and final polish. When not in the office you will most likely find him with a driver or a five iron on the golfing range. Golf gives him quality time to reflect and often leads to inspiration and creative solutions. Balancing the 'life puzzle' with enjoyable work, boat rides, friends & family as well as a good book at the cottage every now and then is key to Pär. if you would like to book a meeting or walk 18 holes with him ...  
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Felix Meijer


Graduated from Umeå Institute of Design, Felix not only brings up-to-date knowledge about industrial design to our clients, but also expertise within healthcare, teaching and fine arts.

Originating from Borensberg, Sweden, Felix has made his way to Gothenburg via design and visualization educations in Vikingstad, Örebro and Umeå. After finishing his Industrial Design studies at the renowned Umeå Institute of Design he joined the Shift family and has been a part of it ever since.
"I believe the most important quality as a design consultant is empathy - to effectively understand who the client is and assist in realizing concepts which appeals to the intended user, both in terms of desired function and deliberate aesthetics."
With meriting educations within healthcare and pedagogy, Felix strengthens our knowledge about ergonomics and physical health.
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